Saturday, 9 June 2012

Wedding Commissions and Semi-Precious Jewellery

Well many many MANY days have passed since I last posted about what's going on in the world of Autumnal Skies, and I cannot apologise enough. But I have a list of pretty things to show you all so huzzah!

First off is a commission that I received from a friend of mine. She got in touch with me to ask if I would make her three bridesmaids necklaces for her wedding day so, naturally, I said yes! The necklaces (pictured below) were made to match the purple bridesmaids' dresses and each featured a charm to personalise the necklace to each bridesmaid. 

The necklaces were made with wonderful handmade purple glass beads made by the wonderful Trudi at Glittering Prize. Trudi's work is fabulous and really worth checking out. You can also follow her work on Facebook or see it in her Etsy shop. The charms, findings and chain are Sterling Silver and the purple beads were topped with a 4mm glass pearl and a silver filigree ball and bead cap set on the underside of the bead. 

Classic, personal and elegant these necklaces were well received and looked stunning on the day!

Commissions for wedding jewellery are always welcome, whether it be bridal or bridesmaid jewellery that is required. 

I have also started working on a new line to my jewellery recently - jewellery featuring semi-precious stones. These are wonderful beads to work with and they provide a completely different and elegant tone. 

(L-R, Top-bottom : Fossil Jasper and Potato Pearl Bracelet, Picasso Jasper and Silver Earrings,
Picasso Jasper and Silver Necklace, Picasso Jasper and Silver Bracelet)
There are lots of things in the pipeline waiting to be listed in my Etsy shop too, so here's a bit of a sneak preview for you all! Keep an eye on my Facebook page for updates on listings and new items!

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Spring has sprung... and so have the Craft Fairs!

Well, I think at the end of this rather windswept February, Spring has finally sprung! There are crocuses and mini irises flowering in the garden, and the sunshine is slowly becoming more intense (when it can break through the clouds!). 
Spring Greens Bracelet

Alongside all the crafting, I've been preparing for my first ever craft fair as Autumnal Skies. The fair is next Sunday (4th March 2012) and is at The Queen's Hotel in Leeds from 1pm - 5pm. The event is free, but it is ticketed, and the contact details for tickets are on the advertisement below:

In preparation for this, I've been experimenting with some different styles of jewellery, including these earrings and necklace with handmade Bullseye Lace Cane beads...

Handmade Bullseye Lace Cane Earrings
Handmade Bullseye Lace Cane Necklace

... and these items which involve some lovely wire-work to hold the beads on, rather than the usual head-pin type finish.

Apple Twists Earrings

Amethyst Swirls Earrings

Amethyst Swirls Necklace

I've also been drawn in by some of the possibilities of working with Memory Wire which, as the name suggests, 'remembers' the shape that it is moulded into. For my first experiment I made these Swarovski crystal and pearl wine glass charms - perfect for those dinner parties where you need to remember which glass is yours!
Wine Glass Charms

Friday, 6 January 2012

New Year... New Beads!

Well my first post was absolutely ages ago now - in a different year in fact! - so I think it's about time to get an update in!

Since I last posted, I've been really concentrating on my Facebook page and my Etsy shop, to make sure that everything is running smoothly for everyone that visits them. As a part of that I've been steadily building up some more pieces of jewellery to add to the bits I had when I last posted.

I've also been trying some new photography methods (with some tips from some wonderful people) and I'm getting happier now with what things are looking like! 

I've also been trying different angles to show things off better - after all, you don't need a photograph of all the chain! This was my take on a Christmas themed item - the pearls reminded me of little snowballs and the red and green wire wrapped beads looked very much like Christmas baubles that were to be hung on a tree!

In amongst all of the bits I'd been creating in the run up to the festive season, I also had a few secret projects and commissions to do...

From beautiful snowflake obsidian chips...

to purple silver-lined glass....

to funky green and brown tribal-style designs...

to my first ever charm bracelet...

to an elegant magnetic haematite bracelet!

All in all, a wonderful end to 2011 for Autumnal Skies, and here's hoping that everyone's 2012 brings health and happiness to you all! 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Welcome to Autumnal Skies!

Hello, and welcome to my website! I'm Gemma, and I have been making jewellery for around a year. I love working with beads and wire to make items that hopefully everyone likes!

I try to source the prettiest beads that I can and combine them with others to ensure that the beads are shown off to their full potential.

And you might wonder by now if it's only earrings that I do, as that all I've shown you so far! I do make bracelets and necklaces too, but when I started to make jewellery it was as presents for my friends. Needless to say, most of my friends have pierced ears and tend to wear earrings much more frequently than any other jewellery, so it was simply the best place to start!

But bracelets are the fabulous too! This 'Purple Swirl' bracelet for example combines the prettiest purple and and white swirled beads and frosted silver lined purple beads to make a stunning combination!

And of course, for those getting into the Christmas season there's my 'Snowflake' set. Stunning red and white glass beads are offset by pearls in the bracelet, and combined with a delicate silver filigree bead in the earrings. Definitely a must for delicate Christmas bling to match your party frock!

And of course it's never too early to get into the Springtime spirit with some wonderful silver acorns with green seed beads bringing to mind the lush green foliage of the great oak trees!

If you've liked this sneak preview into my world and work at Autumnal Skies, then head on over to my Facebook page to become a fan of my work and find out about all my new makes, or my Etsy shop where all my jewellery is listed to be sold. I hope to see you soon!